Dr. Giancarlo Boldori

Dr. Giancarlo Boldori, DDS, MsC in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation, has been the Clinical Director and Manager of Agnus Dei - Dental Centre of the Algarve since 2010.

Dr Boldori, who graduated from the State University of Paraná, Southern Brazil as a dental surgeon in 1996, believes that continuous professional development (CPD) is an ongoing process and continues throughout a professional’s career. His concern about providing quality care and enhance his knowledge and skills to deliver a professional service has motivated Dr. Boldori to keep updated in the advances of dentistry. Postgraduate in Corrective and Functional Orthodontics in Brazil and a Masters in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation in Porto - Portugal, he continues to study further.

His attention and care for his patients, are not only due to his professional training, but from his experience as a father and husband. Doctor Boldori moved to Portugal with his family to build a new concept of dental care. In addition to offering dental care with technology and high standards, his sensitivity, personality and passion result in a personal and individualised treatment, as if you too were family. Dr. Giancarlo Boldori and his team take great pride in the fact that these aspects differentiate Agnus Dei - Algarve Dental Centre from all the other centres.


We are dedicated to making your dental care rewarding, so you will have a reason to share your smile. Agnus Dei- Algarve Dental Centre offers you the tranquillity that you are in the right place, with professional people who care about you!

My dentist, your dentist! The dentist your family trusts!

"Your Smile, your best expression!"


CLinical cases

Dr. Giancarlo Boldori Dentist Olhão
Dr. Giancarlo Boldori Dentist Olhão
Dr. Giancarlo Boldori Dentist Olhão