Orthodontics and Facial orthopedics are the areas of dentistry that correct the positioning of the teeth and jaws.

The bad positioning of teeth impairs its proper cleaning, which can lead to decay or tooth loss due to periodontal disease. It also causes additional stress to the muscles of mastication which can lead to headaches and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints (head, neck and jaw).

We study the individual planning of each case prior to installation of orthopedic or orthodontic appliances (braces) for predictability of the treatment, thus avoiding and reducing unwanted phases during treatment. 

Completion of orthodontic study is done through the analysis of models, photographs (intraoral and extra oral) and computerised 3D analysis of the extraoral radiographs (Panoramic X-ray, teleradiografy (head side).

Our dental clinic offers a series of fixed orthodontic appliances (braces), from the metallic to the aesthetic (ceramics or Sapphire) models, as well as self-ligating brackets which are bound by the appliance itself and do not require the placement of rubber bands to support the wire, thus reducing the timing of treatment.

There is also another differentiated and specialised orthodontic kind of treatment, individualized for each case and type of patient, which is performed by the Invisalign method (orthodontic correction for individual transparent trays exchanged periodically by the orthodontist). 


orthodontic documentation

Before starting treatment, the patient needs to perform a set of exams, such as x-rays, intra and extra-oral photographs, plaster models of the dental arches with the purpose of providing a clear vision and comprehensive study about the case. These exams allow the orthodontist to analyse each case individually.

Orthodontic Braces

Braces aim to correct problems of dental and aesthetic positions in order to obtain a stable occlusion for life.


Facial Orthopedics

Facial orthopedics is the correction of disharmonic relationships between bone bases, while Orthodontics deals with the correction of teeth positioning within the bone. Facial orthopedics is a segment of orthodontics which deals with relations between the two jaws. The treatment is done with facial orthopedic braces.

Facial orthopedics usually refers to removable braces, although there are already fixed braces that aim to redirect the growth of facial bones and teeth, reducing the need to use and the treatment time with braces. It should be used with young patients, since they must be in their period of active growth to make it more effective.