Geriatric dentistry

Geriatric dentistry, or Geriodontics, is the area of dental care for older adults (+ 65) involving the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of problems associated with normal aging and age-related diseases. With aging, several oral changes occur such as the mucous membranes become more sensitive and thinner, the colour of the teeth may change, the amount of saliva may decrease and the taste may decrease, which may lead to increased consumption of spices in food and as a consequence this can intensify problems such as: diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension.

Did you know that:
1. Oral health problems may affect the elderly’s digestive system and systematic health
2. Lack of teeth increases the chances of death from cancer, heart attack and strokes
3. With aging the mouth changes in shape.



Our body undergoes several changes with aging. In the mouth we can notice that,

among other things, that the most common problem with the elderly is the loss of teeth, yet it is a common misconception that losing teeth as we age is inevitable. If cared for properly, our teeth can last a lifetime.

Teeth are lost mainly due to caries and periodontal diseases (inflammation and tissue infection around the tooth). These occur when there is a combination of some factors such as poor oral hygiene, food build-up, bacteria, etc.

During the visit to Agnus Dei- Algarve Dental Centre,  we will conduct a thorough history and dental exam and discuss with you treatment options.