Endodontics (root canal treatment or devitalisation) is the area that deals with dental injuries and diseases of the pulp (nerve) and the root of the tooth. 

This specialty treats the root of the tooth in cases where decay reached the nerve of the tooth; the source of contamination is removed and the canal is filled with a filling material. Additionally, the top of the tooth needs to be restored by a filling, or in some cases by a crown, depending on the level of damage. 

It is extremely important to perform root canal treatment when the tooth is fully contaminated by decay, as this avoids the need to extract a tooth and helps prevent further contamination which could spread and compromise the health of the other teeth and neighbouring tissues.

Currently, the most commonly used method is the mechanised endodontics, this advanced technology and specialised technique allows the dentist to treat the tooth quickly and comfortably. To ensure this procedure is painless, anaesthesia is required.