The Digital Smile Planning is another evolution in the field of Dental Medicine, which continues in constant improvement in the aesthetic, as well as functional and preventive aspects.
At Agnus Dei Dental centre we use digital technology to plan and design your new smile, so you can have a better visual perception of your dental treatment plan and instantly see the prospective final result with accuracy. At every phase of treatment, we can evaluate with precision the results obtained.
The Digital Smile Planning is personalised for each patient, respecting their desires, personality and physical characteristics. It aims to transform the smile of patients. After all, we reveal a lot about ourselves when we smile.

Now it is possible to create the smile design before you begin the treatment with your dentist. And, consequently, avoid disastrous and unpleasant treatments. "Digital Smile Planning" is a rich tool that can aid in the diagnosis and planning of your case, as well as facilitating communication with other professionals in the different specialties.



Dental restoration is a treatment to restore the affected tooth (due to decay or trauma) into its original shape and function. When the dentist does a restoration, he first removes the affected area of the tooth, cleans it and then fills the clean cavity with restorative material.
Restoration with amalgam can now be performed or exchanged for composite resin with ceramics, thus improving the aesthetics and the final result, due to its resistance capacity being close to that of the amalgam.


Restorations with composite resin and ceramics are aesthetically  more pleasant and have an incredible ability to remain in place, but also an extraordinary ability to "hide" cavities, due to the fact that over the years the restoration in amalgam oxidises and small gaps will open between the tooth and the restoration, leading to infiltration and consequently to caries.

dental PIERCING 

Dental piercing is a tiny piece of jewelry that imitates a diamond and is glued to a tooth. This procedure is similar to gluing a fixed appliance bracket, thus not damaging the natural structure of the tooth. Fixing it is fast and painless and it can be easily removed if you change your mind.
The durability of the piercing depends on the habits of the patient, usually about six months. The patient should avoid biting foods that are too hard, avoiding excessive and vigorous brushing. Brushing the pierced tooth should be done with the same intensity as with the other teeth.
The piercing does not offer any risk to the oral health of the patient, on the contrary it will give a shine to your smile!

spacing closure

Diastema is the space between the teeth. It is usually frequent in the maxillary areas but can also be verified in other areas of the mouth. With the evolution of dental medicine, in the last years there have been several treatments for the correction of diastema, such as laminated veneers, ceramic crowns or composite resin restorations. There is also the possibility of closing the diastemas with orthodontic appliances where they are placed to correct the spaces.


The causes of dental stains vary, and may be of extrinsic or intrinsic origin, congenital or acquired. In this way, it is necessary to detect both the origin and the degree of the teeth stains so that the technique to be used can be defined, as well as the type of results that will be obtained.

There are 2 types of whitening, the dentist supervised treatment, which is carried out at home, or whitening performed at the clinic.

To begin the at-home procedure, the dentist takes impressions (molds) of your mouth, and then has soft, custom mouth trays made. To administer the treatment, the patient puts a thin ribbon of the whitening gel into the tray and wears it for the indicated period. Most whitening occurs in one to two weeks. In difficult cases, trays may need to be worn for up to four weeks. This treatment will still be supervised periodically by your dentist at the Agnus Dei Dental Clinic.

The Phillips Zoom Whitening treatment is performed at the centre lasts 1 hour, the whitening gel is changed 4 times, every 15 minutes as they get activated by the LED light of the Phillips Zoom unit.

We can also bleach devitalized teeth (teeth with root canal) where the gel is applied inside the tooth and left for approximately a week to achieve a satisfactory result.

For greater and lasting results, the dental center associates the two treatments (at home and clinic at the same time), thus ensuring your satisfaction for longer.