implantology Olhão


Implants chosen especially for you, with computerized analysis through a TAC (Tomography Axial Computerized) dental scan to adapt perfectly to your mouth. 

fixed implants Olhão

Fixed prosthesis on implants

A fixed prosthesis on implant is placed over two or more implants, giving adequate retention conditions. 


orthodontics Olhão

orthodontics and facial orthopedics

Orthodontics and Facial Orthopaedics are the areas of dentistry that correct the positioning of the teeth and jaws.


oral rehabilitation Olhão

oral rehabilitation

When planning oral rehabilitation treatment, our professionals use advanced methods to help reshape your teeth to their ideal form.


dentistry Olhão

aesthetic dentistry and restauration

Digital Smile Planning is an evolution in the field of dentistry, which is under constant improvement both in the aesthetic, functional and preventive care.

pediatric dentistry Olhão

Pediatric Dentistry

Paediatric Dentistry is the branch of dental medicine that cares for the oral health of children.


endodontics Olhão


Endodontics (root canal treatment or devitalisation) is the area that deals with dental injuries and diseases of the pulp (nerve) and the root of the tooth. 


periodontics Olhão


Periodontics is the treatment of diseases of the tooth support system. 

oral surgery Olhão

oral surgery

Oral Surgery is the dental medicine that specializes in surgery of the face, mouth, and jaws.

removable prothesis Olhão

Removable prosthesis

Removable prosthesis or dentures are a way to replace missing teeth. They are the most economical ways to recover the aesthetics and masticatory functions, being partial or total, acrylic or skeletal.


geriatric dentistry Olhão

geriatric dentistry

Geriatric dentistry, or Geriodontics, is the area of dental care for older adults (+ 65) involving the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of problems associated with normal aging and age-related diseases.


imagiologyh Olhão


The Digital Radiology allows a much higher picture quality compared to conventional radiology becoming stronger diagnostic tool prior to treatments.


laboratory prothesis Olhão

Laboratory prosthesis

Agnus Dei Dental Clinic has its own laboratory for the manufacture of total or partial removable acrylic and skeletal dentures. 


dental laser therapy Olhão

laser therapy

Laser therapy in an innovative type of dental care. We, at Agnus Dei- Algarve Dental Centre offer this minimally invasive option when our patients face gum surgery, cavity treatment, or other oral issues.


special dental care Olhão

special needs

Patients with special needs are those who have physical, medical, intellectual or physical disabilities, and require special consideration when receiving dental treatment, Dr. Boldori extends his services to everyone.