Oral Surgery is the dental medicine that specializes in surgery of the face, mouth, and jaws. The most common procedures are the extraction of embedded sepals (teeth that are inside the bone), apicectomies, removal of fibroids, removal of cysts, pre-prosthetic surgery (regularization of bone and gingiva prior to confection of prostheses), among others.


Extraction of one or more teeth is surgery performed at the clinic, under local anaesthesia, in a relatively small time.  Pre-operative guidelines are disclosed to each patient and after the extraction, the post-operative guidelines are also given . Most of the time it is necessary for the patient to return to the clinic to remove the stitches and for the dentist to observe the evolution of healing.
The most frequent causes of extractions (or exodontia) are:

  • Extensive dental cavities;

  • Periodontal diseases;

  • Root canal failure;

  • Root fracture.


THIRD MOLARS extractions

The extraction of the third molars or wisdom tooth is a surgery to remove the third molar teeth. Wisdom teeth extraction surgery can be done when the teeth have already erupted or when the teeth have not come out yet.
Impacted teeth are teeth that do not break through the gum due to various reasons, one being of the most common lack of space in the dental arch. If not removed, the constant pressure caused by the attempt of eruption can give various problems such as the destruction of neighbouring teeth, inflammation, pain, among others. By being the last to erupt, the wisdom teeth are teeth that often remain impacted. 


maxillar sinus lift

The elevation of the maxillary sinus is a procedure of bone regeneration that is used in cases where there is not sufficient height of bone in the maxilla for the placement of implants.



Apiceptomy is a surgery that consists of the removal of a lesion that forms at the apex (root end of the tooth). This surgery is performed due to persistent infections, in which the bacterial infection is more resistant and does not respond to the treatment of devitalisation/ root canal.