A fixed prosthesis on implant is placed over two or more implants, giving adequate retention conditions.

It is a removable prosthesis of all teeth, which has a larger retention than a conventional removable prosthesis (denture) because it is fixed on t implant pins giving greater safety and comfort to the patient.

Its main objective is oral rehabilitation of all of its functions: aesthetics, phonetics and chewing, effectively replacing missing or lost teeth.

After placing the implants, the dentist will fit the prosthesis over the already healed implants. This period will vary from patient to patient and, depending on specific conditions, the prosthesis can be fitted in the same procedure (what we call an implant with immediate loading), when appropriate.

Moulds of the jaw are done to enable the dental technician to make the prosthesis. Once the prosthesis is ready, it is fixed to the top of the implant.

The prosthesis should be removed daily so that it can be properly cleaned as well as the inside of the mouth, preferably with a light brush and then using a mouthwash.

Another aspect related to the care of the prosthesis on implants is that the materials used to attach the implants to the denture wear out over time and require yearly maintenance to maintain a healthy appearance.

Prosthetics permanently fixed on 4, 6 or more implants should also undergo periodic maintenance, indicated by the dentist and the patient's individual need. This is one of the factors that will determine the success and durability of the implants and adjacent structures.



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