Unveiling The Lie On Milk


Regarding the milk is important to highlight that we are the only mammals that after breastfeeding, continue to drink milk. Even the cows do not consume their own milk (the calves are fed with breast milk until the age of 6-8 months). From an evolutionary perspective, our ancestors only consumed breast milk, in which has set of essential nutrients to our development and our immunity. At the present, pasteurized cow's milk , as it is well known(the pasteurization process kills the enzymes present in milk and destroys the beneficial nutrients, as the minerals, vitamins and amino acids), have very little added value if consumed regularly. Nowadays,industry still uses methods of milk production by injecting hormones in animals to increase profitability in milk production on a large scale. These hormones when ingested by humans, causes devastating damage in our bodies (increase weight, develop degenerative diseases, and our hormones become unbalanced.) Furthermore, many industries use artificial insemination without the introduction of the semen. This means that the animal is meant by having a fake pregnancy and consequently come to produce more milk. However after a few weeks, because the non-existence of the semen, the animal ceases to produce the quantity of milk which had been producing... So the process of “fake” pregnancy is repeated in order to keep milk production.This process causes mastitis in animals and the man has to resort to the use of animal antibiotics for prevention of these diseases. Thus,when we consume this milk we are ingesting high amounts of animal antibiotics that causes irreversible damage to human health, such as the appearance of various diseases or food intolerances. In fact, the consumption of milk is associated with many diseases resulting from a state of chronic inflammation, from lactose intolerance (which can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence), to insulin resistance (although milk is a product with a low glicémica, load your effect on the release of insulin is too large, which can cause several health problems such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, some types of cancer and Parkinson's disease), to the development of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes type I and II. Therefore the quality of the milk drink currently is very weak and seems to have more risks than benefits. Indeed, each person reacts to the milk and its derivatives differently, my advice is to pay attention for these signs and take care of your health. You may say: “It has always been said to drink milk because of the calcium to keep bones strong”... Beware! It is important to understand that the rate of absorption of calcium in dairy products is minimal, compared with the calcium in the green foods like cabbage and broccoli.Moreover,our bones need other nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin k. In order to have a proper absorption of calcium is crucial to consume all these nutrients together. On the one hand ,if our diet is too acidic the calcium excretion will be larger (which is bad for our health). On the other hand, if the diet is more alkaline with intake of vegetables, less sugars and few processed foods, our body will absover the calcium we need to have bones strong and healthy. Finally, it is noted that men of the Palaeolithic, although did not drink milk after breastfeeding, they presented a bone mineral density equal to or higher than the healthy adults of nowadays. Researchs (especially American) proves that people who has high milk intake are more likely to acquire a disease as osteoporoses and get fractures than those who have low consumption of milk. I hope being helpful and I recommend you to watch the video below.