How to remove pesticides from food?

Brazil is one of the greatest consumers of pesticides in the world, moving $2.5billion per year, in which involves a volume of 250,000 tons of products. Unfortunately, the countries well known as third world countries are the biggest victims of the pesticide industry. On the other hand,in developed countries it is different - As the inhabitants are well informed and they charge more their authorities thus restrictions on the use of pesticides are more severe.

On the environment, the waste pesticides contaminate soil and water. This can bring health problems on people who apply pesticides, as well as on consumers. There is evidence that some pesticides cause autoimmune disease, such as lupus, allergies, cancer and neurological diseases. In fact, If the pesticides protect plants, to humans is a poison.

Moreoften, the consumption of these substances are related to liver cancer, brain cancer, leukaemia and some types of tumors. It happens because our body is unable to metabolize the toxic effect, so elements such as toxic metals go to circulatory current causing health problems. The question that arises is "On all the evidence, why don't they invest heavily in organic farming?"The reason is simple... Just because their goal is make profit and they do not care about the health of the population.

For instance: You might do the following experience – go to a pharmacy buy a syringe 5 ml and 2% iodine tincture ( less then 1€), then in a bowl put a liter of water, use the syringe to add 5 ml of tincture of iodine. Afterwards, wash the fruits and vegetables and place them in another cleaned container for 1 hour. Preferably covered and without any contact with the light (in the oven), this will prevent the oxidation of iodine. After a hour, you remove the food from the container and wash them again. They will be ready for use and free of the enemies of our health - the pesticides. Please, watch the following video ,in which a doctor talks about the recipe!