10 Myths about implant

1. Can anyone place an implant?

True, but there are some points to consider ensuring the success of the treatment. It is essential that the patient be upon its systematic health under control, for example people who have heart disease or diabetes can do the procedure since these diseases are controlled. Another factor is age. It is important to wait for the end of bone growth.

2. Nowadays,is it not necessary to make any cuts in the patient's mouth?

Myth, this depends on each case individually. Sometimes it is not possible to apply the technique without clipping. Therefore, it is necessary to do a clinical evaluation and tomographic to check whether it is possible to install the implant that way.

3. Are the implants more indicated for seniors?

Myth. The implants are the best option for those who lost a tooth. Highlighting that for younger patients is important to wait for the end of bone growth that happens in females between 17- 18 years and at 18- 19 years in males. There are specific tests to assess this situation.

4. After the loss of the tooth should we get an implant as soon as possible?

Truth. The loss of the tooth triggers a physiological process of bone resorption that varies from person to person, which could harm the implant installation in case of delay in getting it. When this happens, it may become necessary to make a bone graft, which will increase the complexity of the situation.

5. Can the body reject the implant?

Myth. There is no rejection of implants by the body, because the implants are made from titanium and this material is inert to the bone. Rarely happens but when this happens, it may become necessary to make a bone graft, which will increase the complexity of the situation. The rare failures can occur due to problems in surgery, in the postoperative period, the quality of the bone or by mechanical problems related to prosthesis, but not for rejection.

6. Does the implant always leave a artificial aspect?

Myth. As long as it's done a correct planning of the case, having all the details in account, the implant technique meets all the aesthetic and functional requirements.

7. Does Smoking hinders the treatment?

Truth. Smoking increases the risk of infection after surgery, causing a slower healing. Research shows that the failure of implants are 20% higher in smokers than in nonsmokers.

8. Who wear dentures can not put implants?

Myth, patients who wear dentures not only can as they should, since having bone and health for this. Currently this is the best option for those who have lost one or more teeth. This Exchange will give them more security, comfort and better quality of life.

9. Could implant replaced every missing tooth?

Truth. It may be possible but it's not convenient as for each implant installation is necessary space (certain distance between them). If it is not respected, the hygiene and the aesthetics can be harmed.

10. Does Implant increase the problems of inflammation in the gums?

Myth. The problems of gum inflammation are multifactorial as factors related to bacteria in the oral cavity, bad hygiene and others. Patients to receive implant must have perfect oral health. Once the implants are installed the patient must receive professional supervision and check it up regularly. It is important to report that the same diseases affecting the teeth, if left untreated, can be installed in implants, which will lead to failure of the process.